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Zhudong Town Land Office
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Zhudong Local Land Office

This office was established in 1938 of Japan control period, with its original name as Zhudong Office of Hsinchu Local Court, in Oct. 1946, its name was changed to Zhudong Local Land Office. Its original domicile was a Japan style housing located in the opposite direction of East Station of Hsinchu Passenger Transport Co., Dongning Road, Zhudong Town, in Sep. 1977, it was moved to current domicile, i.e., 8#, 124Lane, Changan Road, Zhudong Town, which was adjacent to Zhudong Town Hall and Tax Office in favor of public affair negotiation. Its business consists of land administration such as land property right registration, survey, land value and land utilization, etc., and consists of jurisdiction of Zhudong Town, Qionglin Village, Hengshan Village, Beipu Village, Emei Village, Jianshi Village, Wufeng Village and Baoshan Village (Baoshan Village was moved to jurisdiction of Hsinchu Local Land Office due to Division Management of Hsinchu County and Hsinchu City in 1981), totally 8 villages and towns. After establishment of this office, its office structure consisted of two sections. In Jul. 1975, survey section was established. In May 1970, it consisted of 4 sections after establishment of general affairs section. In Apr. 1994, the section structure was changed to division.

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