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* Words of Township Director

Qionglin Township Office With supports and assistances of all residents, Yun-Jiao was elected to serve the 16th term of the township director. A variety of constructions were smoothly underwent and expected to soon competition with cooperation from all fields, such as supports of chair and deputy chair of the township council, cooperative guidance of all village leaders, and co-working of colleagues of the township government, which is the fruit of our hard work and achievement of team work. Simultaneously, Yun-Jiao insists a serving concept and mission to promote multi-aspect innovations and expects to enhance quality of township administrative services and further to devote ourselves to local prosperity.

The Town with mountains on the back and water in the front, is famous of its graceful landscape and located in the center of Hsinchu County. County Rd. #120 is the axis to go through the town, the National Highway #3 lies on the town on vertical direction with established Zhulin Intersection, and East-west Expressway is built along the Touqian River to connect County Rd. #115 in the town, which all constitute the convenient south-north bound artery to provide easy accesses to Hsinchu City, Zhubei City, and Zhudong Town. With all advantaged elements in Qionglin, Yun-Jiao will lead the work team of township government and coordinate supports and associations from all fields to bring the overall development in the Town to the summit, and promote leisure agriculture to stride toward the new era of tourism development.

The Town has simple people, decent security record, completed education facilities, and outstanding academic achievements of residents with influence of academic performances in the past and blessings of WenChang Emperor God. The second-phase construction of Deng Yu-Xian Music Memorial Park and natural landscape work in Feifeng Mt. are efficiently completed to supply residents with leisure and activity spots, thus enhancing quality of life in the Town. Chenliang will keep diligent to achieve harmony and solidarity in the Town. I also expect all efforts, cooperation, and heartily assistances of residents in order to boost local economy and progress and to meet demands of all denizens.

* Administration focuses

1. Develop tourism, financial support collection, and natural landscape work in Feifeng Mt.
2. Complete Deng Yu-Xian Music Memorial Park in active measures.
3. Continue remaining work of wild stream control.
4. Work for the third review of urban plan.
5. Associate with the county government to build up the water-front park.
6. Replace the trash trucks to raise quality of services.
7. Construct the sport park for the youth.
8. Establish a multi-functional activity center for comprehensive events of township denizens.
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Hsinchu County Government No. 51 ,Wen-Chang street,Wenlin settlement, Qionglin Township, Hsinchu county, Taiwan ROC Tel:886-3-5518101 Last updated: 2007.05.01

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