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Zhubei City Health Sation
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Zhubei health center

Brief introduction of the center


1. On May 1st 1950, Zhubei village health center was founded; in 1952, the newly constructed house was put into use.

2. On August 1st 1952, health room was set at Liujia settlement, and there were one doctor and one nurse; however, it was soon canceled; under it, set Shangyi settlement health room (built in 1971).
3. On October 31st 1988, it was called Zhubei city health center.
4. The address was originally at No. 354 Zhongzheng road, Zhuyi settlement, Zhubei village. In 1980, the house was reconstructed; till 1990, to match the new construction of Zhubei city officee building, the original building was dismantled, and it was built together with the city office. At the beginning of the establishment, there were six medical staff, one worker, and it handles clinic service, women and baby hygiene, family health and health education etc.
5. Hsinchu county Zhubei city health center new building which costs 39 million NT Dollars was put into use in July 2002, and the area was 842 Ping . Besides the original medical service and office space, set 1st floor multi-function classroom (35 Ping), 2nd floor wood floor health classroom (35 Ping ), 3rd floor 88-person audio and visual classroom; and there were 18 underground parking lot; it was convenient to park around. The present address is at No. 89 Guangming 2nd street , Zhubei city, and community health protection service is provided continuously.
6. The health center set one director, one registered nurse and head nurse, 10 registered nurse, one officer, one clinical inspector, one health inspector and one worker.