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Zhubei City Household Registration Office
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The household registration office

Past history of the institution

Past history of the office

After the restoration of Taiwan, Zhubei village office household registration section was set, and the village head was the household registration director; followed the household registration items in the Japanese occupation period to handle the people’s application for each item of household registration in the area; on October 17th, 1973, the law of registration was emended, and household registration office was set in the villages, towns and cities, and it was governed by the police office; 2nd line 3 star police officer acted as the director of household registration office, and he also acted as the vice head of the police office; for the household registration work, static household registration items matched with policeman dynamic household survey so as to carry out the correctness of each household registration; on June 29th, 1992, because the law of registration in the insurrection suppressing period was ended, the household registration office returned to the county (city) government. This important reform determined the civil administration system of the household institution; measures for the convenience of the people was strengthened again and again, until in September 1997, the national household information system was online, making the household registration institution become electronic/networked government model.