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About Zhudong Township Office

Zhudong Township Office Zhudong used to be named Chess Forest and Shuqilin, for there was a forest of oaks when the ancestors came to reclaim the wasteland here and the oak tree was also named chess oak tree (this was due to the fact that when a branch of chess oak tree comes off the root, the end looks like a piece of Chinese chess). In 1920 (the nineth year of Japanese Dazheng Period) it was re-named as Zhudong as it is located to the east of Hsinchu County. In 1950 when there was a great adjustment in the whole province, the region here was placed under the jurisdiction of Hsinchu County and then named Zhudong Town.
Zhudong Town is at communication center of Hsinchu County. It is just like a carp striving to swim upstream similar to the indomitable will of Hakka people. The town strenches from the north-west to the south-east in a narrow strip with a large area of hills and a small piece of flat land. It looks over to Zhubei City and Qiongling Township at the Touqia River and Douzipu River in the north and is border with Hengshan Township at Shangping River in the east,and is adjacent to Beipu Township and Baoshan Township at the Tuopangshan and Five-finger Mountain in the south. Wufeng Township is to its southeast and with the Kezihu River as the borderline with Hsinchu City in the west. It is 19 kilometers from the east to west and 4 kilometers from north to south , and covers an area of 53.5132 square kilometers.












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Travel service: 0800011765    Life service: 0800241111    Translate service: 0800885111 
Zhudong Township Office No.88, Dong-Lin Rd., Zhudong town, Hsinchu County 31047, Taiwan ROC(GMT+8)
Tel:886-3-5966177  Last updated: 2010.03.25

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