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Zhudong Town Health Sation
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Zhudong health center

Brief introduction of the center

1.In 1950, civilian house was rent and the health center was founded, which belonged to Hsinchu county health center.
2. It was founded on July 1st 1921; the address was in Dongning street , Zhudong town, and there were three employees.
3. In December 1951, it was moved to the side of Rongleli post office; in 1952, house was built; in March 1953, it was moved to the newly constructed office at No. 493 Changchun road.
4. In 1954, the newly constructed office in Changchun road was put into use.
5. In November 1960, it belonged to Zhudong town office, and received the instruction of Hsinchu county health bureau.
6. In 1974, it belonged to Hsinchu county health bureau.
7. In June 1974, office building was reconstructed, and Zhudong town office was used temporally for work.
8. On August 3rd, 1975, the newly constructed office was put into use.
9. In 1979, the house was moved to No. 1, 74 alley, Donglin road.
10. In 1982, Shangpingli health room was constructed.
11.There are 15 people in the center now; one doctor and director, one registered nurse and head nurse, one clinic inspector, one health inspector, 5 registered nurses, five nurses and one officer.
12. The newly constructed office building of Zhudong town health center was finished on February 15th, 2007; from March 1st 2007, it began to serve the people formally.