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Zhubei City Land Office
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Zhubei Land Administrative Office

Introduction to Zhubei Civil Administration Office
Established in 1897, the Office was initially named Hsinchu Local Court & Registration Office. After Taiwan’s Liberation from the Japanese Rule in November, 1945, it was renamed Hsinchu Civil Administration Office. In 1946 the office was renamed Zhubei Civil Administration Office (under the jurisdiction of the Greater Hsinchu County) and the office work was conducted in the Hsinchu County Government until it was relocated in Zhuyi Village, Zhubei Township on November 1, 1954. The new office had then 5 localities under its jurisdiction, Zhubei City, Xinpu Town, Guanxi Town, Xinfeng Township and Hukou Township. As office work increased year by year and the old and narrow office couldn’t meet new requirements any more, a new plot was bought in 1981 and construction started in 1982. In March 1983 the office began to be used for public service. As office affairs increased, the government established Xinhu Civil Administration Office, to which two townships (Xinfeng Township and Hukou Township) originally under the jurisdiction of Zhubei Civil Administration Office was handed over in March 1st, 1995. This decision was made also to improve service quality and provide convenience to the people. After that Zhubei Civil Administration Office has one municipality and two towns under its jurisdiction (Zhubei City, Xinpu Town and Guanxi Town), located in the center of Hsinchu County northwest of Taiwan.   
Location and Jurisdiction: The Office has one municipality and two towns under its jurisdiction, bounded on the east by Longtan Town, Daxi Town and Fuxing Township (all under the jurisdiction of Taoyuan County), on the south by Jianshi Township, Hengshan Township, Qionglin Township, Zhudong Town (under the jurisdiction of Zhudong Civil Administration Office) and Hsinchu City, on the west by Taiwan Strait and on the north by Hukou Township, Xinfeng Township (both under the jurisdiction of Xinhu Civil Administration Office) and Yangmei Town (under the jurisdiction of Taoyuan County). The total area of Zhubei Civil Administration Office comes up to 22,699.6971 hectares.

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Hsinchu County Government No.200, San-min Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 30210, Taiwan ROC Tel:886-3-5512203 Last updated: 2007.05.01

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