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Qionglin Township Household Registration Office
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Organization origin and development:

The household register method of my country announces on December 12, the 20th year of the Republic of China, the household register method detailed regulations announce on June 25, the 23th year of the Republic of China, but didn’t implement and go to the 35th year of the Republic of China to start to implement in Taiwan.The household register registers business at that time the supervisor is by the civil administration, the place then was a household register lesson, namely this precursor the Qiong Lin2 Xiang Gong of Hsinchu County is the household register lesson.In the 58th year of the Republic of China, it is central to manage and match with a public order to need according to the Kan disorderly period tight population, the trial door Jing unites as one system, from the 62th year of the Republic of China formally household registration business by domestic affairs industry the government is allotted a police force supervisor by the domestic affairs unit, and change the household register lesson of townships district office to village downtown household registration office in each county City to belong to each counties and cities police station.In this formally establishes the household registration office of police station Qiong Lin2 Xiang in Hsinchu County.Along with mobilize Kan to expect to terminate in disorder, from from July 1, the 81th year of the Republic of China, ended as long as 21 years of the door Jing unite as one system and the household registration office changes to belong to the bureau of the county government domestic affairs according to"door Jing cent sign a project", household registration business time’s returning is been in control of by the domestic affairs unit, and each county citizen’s political situation establishes household registration lesson and is in control of the business of the household register administration, and each household registration office that councilor govern carries out household registration business.

In order to respond information to turn times to need, the Ministry of Interior establishes a service government information expansion group in July, the 82th year of the Republic of China and launches an expansion work completely, divide into four years three stages take county City in the municipality as unit and one by one launch origin list as the third stage, promotion from July, the 84th year of the Republic of China go to 86 June, year, on September 30, the 86th year of the Republic of China and national door service government the information system formal on-line homework, formally exceed into information to turn times.