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Emei Township Health Sation
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Emei health center

Brief introduction of the center

1. Emei village health center was founded in December 1947. At that time, Hsinchu county covered Tao, Zhu and Miao counties. This center was the first founded village health center of the whole county, and it belonged to Hsinchu county health center.

2. At the beginning of the restoration, the population of this village was about 7500, the area was broad and there were few people; the communication was not convenient, and the economy was backward. An area of the backyard of the village office was used as the office, and Mr. Zou Jinshui was invited as the director and the doctor and he was in charge of the clinic service. There were four people in the center. 

3. On November 20th 1960, this center belonged to Emei village office; up to 1964, the village office building was completed, so that this center was enlarged.

4. In 1974, it belonged to the health office, and in 1977, office of the health center was finished. On May 3rd 2004, the old office of the health center was demolished and reconstructed, and the houses on the sides of Dangui palace were used as office temporarily. On November 15th 2005, the new office building was completed and used till now.

5. In order to match the promotion of government grassroots medical net policy, the center founded Emei village group medical operation center together with Zhudong Rongmin hospital

6. In July 1989, Fang Guangzong succeeded; in April 1999, Lin Baojun succeeded; in June 2001, Lin Xianmin; in October 2002, Fang Guangzong; in May 21st, 2003, Huang Guangyang. It has been more than 20 years since the center was group center was founded, and it was agreed upon by the people, and the people of the village changed their attitude on the importance of health to the human body. Emei health center has a key position in Emei village in health protection.