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Emei Towship Household Registration Office
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The household registration office

Past history of the office

The office originally belonged to Emei village office; on July 1st, 1969, household and police integration was on trial; Emei village office separated the household section out and founded Emei village household registration office; it belonged to the police office, and the village head was also the director; on July 1st, 1973, household and police integration was formally implemented, the police office vice head was also the director of the household registration office. In October 1981, the home department improved the deficiency of household and police integration, and the director of the household registration office was full-time and was also the police office vice head.

On July 1st 1992 , household and police separation was implemented, and the office belonged to Hsinchu county government; it was Hsinchu county Emei village household registration office and handled all kinds of household registration affairs.

To respond to the need of informatization era, the home department founded household information promotion team in July 1993 and spread informatization promotion work. The time period of the promotion of the office was from July 1995 to June 1997; on September 30th, connection with the national household information system was finished, and formally entered the informatization era.