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Common knowledge for first aid: fever
1.Don’t do outdoor activity for long time under direct sun, or stay in closed room for too long time
2.To drink water at fixed time, if necessary, drink sports drinks with electrolyte
3.If don’t fell well, must have a rest in shadow place.
4.Don’t leave elder people or baby at home or car without air conditioning system.
Handle a method:
1.Move sick person to shadow place and let him/her lie down
2.Unfasten clothes and let sick person have a rest
3.Let sick person drink water or sports drinks with electrolyte (in case of vomit, don’t do so)
4.Must call 119 for help as for unconscious sick person, and keep his/her airway passable 
10 “NOTs” and 5 “YESs” for birds flu prevention:
Bird flu prevention shall focus on personnel hygiene, health care and environmental sanitation, it is better to follow 10 “NOTs” and five “YESs” as described in the following:
1. Don’t approach, contact and feed the migratory birds and usual birds.
2. Don’t visit birds breeding farm or fair where bird flu is prevailing, it is not allowed to bring birds back home at will. 
3. Don’t let breeding birds reside with other different type of birds (chicken and duck) and domestic animals (pig).
4. Don’t set free the breeding birds (pigeon) in the open.
5. Don’t buy fowl without knowledge of origin of place.
6. Don’t touch, sell, buy and eat sick birds.
7. Don’t dispose birds died of disease at will.
8. Don’t kill birds by oneself.
9. Don’t eat uncooked birds-made product (including eggs and other relevant products).
10. Don’t go to the public location where is crowded and not ventilated.
Five “Yes”:
1. Keep washing hands: must wash hands with soap after contact birds and excretions.
2.Vaccinate flu vaccine.
3.To eat cooked food: bird flu virus can not stand high temperature, which can be killed when heating at 56 for 3 hours, at 60 for 30min, at 100 for one minute, so, chicken and eggs must cooked properly.
4. Balanced diet foods, proper sports, enough sleep and rest, get relaxed.
5.Keep watching out personnel health, measure body temperature everyday, if has fever, must go to hospital wearing mask.


Common knowledge for first aid: wound and bleeding:
1. Persons for first aid must wash hands with soap and clear water.
2. Check whole body and status of wound, uplift and pressurize where is bleeding (higher than heart) so as to slow down bleeding of wound.
3. Don’t remove blood clot at wound.
4. Wash wound to get rid of foreign object with warm or cool water; if possible, it is better to use sterile saline solution.
5. Disinfect and cover wound, then bind it up.
6. If bleeds seriously, must send to hospital after necessary first aid.

Common knowledge for first aid: burn and scald:
1.Try best to remove objects resulting in burn and scald, such as heat, cold, electric shock and corrosive objects.
2.As to unbroken wounds, must as quick as possible flush with water, put off clothes, soak and cover it, and then send to hospital. 
a.Flush wound with flowing and clear water for 15-30 min, if impossible to flush wound, cold compression is workable. 
b.Remove or shear clothes in water gently.
c.Soak in cool water continuously for 15-30min.
d.Cover wound with clean towel. 
e.Send to hospital as quick as possible for further treatment.
3.In corrosive chemical burn eyes or skin, must put wound downward and wash it whit clean water slowly for 30 min, then bind it with dressing and send to hospital.
4.If eyes are burnt by chemicals, must wash them with clean water from internal corner to external corner, don’t let patient knead eyes.
1.If burn and scald with blister, don’t stave it, otherwise might by infected.
2.Don’t put on soy sauce, toothpaste and anti-inflammatory concluded by folk prescription, otherwise wound might be deteriorated. 
Common knowledge for first aid: poisoning:
In case of poisoning, must call national Poison Control Center through (02) 8717121 for help except taking following measures.
Drug poisoning:
1. Drink one or two cup of milk to dilute poison.
2. Press to vomit
3. Keep airway passable.
4. Send to hospital as quick as possible while bringing with poisoning label and vessel carrying poisoning substance and vomits, such vessel or label shall be sealed with plastic bag. 
5. Don’t press to vomit under following circumstances:
  a. With burnt trace at lip and mouth
  b. Foreign smell during breathing, such as smell of gas
  c. Unconscious person
  d. Convulsion
  e.Poisoning label indicates that it is not allowed to press to vomit. 
6. Don’t give drinks or food to unconscious person.
Get poisoned by corrosive material such as detergent:
1. Don’t flush or press to vomit.
2. Drink milk or fresh egg white so as to dilute and slow down absorption of poison.
3.Keep airway passable
4.Send to hospital as quick as possible, lie on patient’s side to slow down the speed to absorb poison.
Pesticide poisoning (including insecticide and raticide)
If eat by mouth:
1. Drink large quantity of clear water or milk and then press to vomit so as to reduce drug to be absorbed by body.
2. Keep airway passable
3. In case of occasion as said above, don’t press to vomit.
4. Send to hospital as quick as possible.
To get contacted by skin:
1. Put off clothes as quick as possible and wash with large quantity of clear water.
2. As for eyes, must wash them with flowing clean water from internal corner to external corner for 10-15min.
Carbon monoxide poisoning:
1.Open window and move patient to where it is ventilated.
2.Keep airway passable, if necessary, please do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

3.Loose clothes around neck and chest and also warm up patient.
4.Let patient lie down peacefully so as to consume less oxygen.
5.Send to hospital as quick as possible.

Common knowledge for first aid: family first aid kit: 
1. Thermometer  2. gauze  3.OK bandage 4. Disinfected cotton  5. Disinfected tampon  6.Bandage  7. Ice pillow
8. Pair of scissors  9. Triangle sheet pin  11. Tongue spatula 12. Torch 13. Fracture boards 14. Iodine liquid medicine



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