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Hengshan Township Office
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About Hengshan Township Office

Dabei Mountain PicThe accumbent mountain, which Hengshan  was named from, was called “Dashanbei” by Japanese during Japan seized hold of Hsinchu State. Adjacent to Zhudong plain, this mountain in your eyes lies accumbent there like a screen if you look it afar from Qionglin and Shibitan, thus, it has been called “Hengshan” from ancient time. In the back of the mountain, there inhabit tribes, such as Dashulong, Daliao, Xinluping, Xingongguan, Dakongke, Qilong, Sifenli, etc., overall they are called the Big Mountain Back. This county is near the Snow Mountain, the whole county, constituted of mountain, hillock, river and valley, locates in the central part of Hsinchu prefecture, bordering with Jianshi and Wufeng  to the southeast, Qionglin to the Northwest, Guanxi to the Northeast, and Zhudong to the west with a brook in between. The whole township is 13.8 km wide from east to west, 14.2 km long from south to north, total area is 66.35 kilometer square.

There are 11 villages under the jurisdiction of Hengshan Township, villages have their own specialties as stated in the following:Hengshan  MPA PIC

Xinxing Village, Dadu Village, Lixing Village, Neiwan Village
These four counties, alongside the north bank of Youluo Brook and all traversed by Neiwan Lines, are the main habitat of Hengshan County except Hengshan Village. This area has the most famous tour resource in Hengshan County, say, Youluo Brook, Neiwai Line and suspension bridge. Though connected by Neiwan Line, but these four villages are independent from one another, each has its own style and feature.

basin_picFuxing Village, Shakeng Village
Fuxing Village and Shakeng Village lie in the basin of Fengshan brook, which is the largest distinction between this area and Hengshan County. Here is also different from other villages relying on Neiwan Line, it links to the outside via Taishan Line, so it has close contacts with Guanxi geologically. Since crossed over by the cement telpher system, this becomes the largest scenery specialty in these two villages. In addition, Dong’an Tribe of Atayal is distributed in Fuxing Village.

Hengshan Village, Fengxiang Village, Tianliao Village, Nanchang Village, Fengtian Village.

This region is embraced by Shangping Brook and Youluo Brook, and the latter four are generally called Dashanbei(the big mountain back), which is an out-of-the-way area in Hengshan Township for no trunk road getting across, meanwhile, it reserves the richest natural ecological resources of Hengshan Township, including the production of mineral water. And Hengshan Village has the largest population in Hengshan Township, which keeps closest relationship with Zhudong Township.
Hengshan Township originally grew and thrived by mine and woods industry, coal mining and lumbering was very flourishing at the early stage, now the core was shifted to cement. For agriculture, it was famous for Hengshan pear and Shanbei Tea in ancient time, and now for orange and vegetable in the largest production quantity. Through the continued development and construction by the observant personage over many years, numerous landscape sites were built in the region, you can conduct a religion tour to visit the famous temples and cloisters, or carry on an ecological exploration to learn the vital force of forest and brook valley. Of course, a reminiscent journey is also not bad, Gucuo(old house), Shiban House(house made of flat stones), Nuomi Bridge(bridge made of glutinous rice), and so on, how can you miss all these? And there are many kinds of tour, say, railroad tour, farm special products tour, classical cate tour, etc., which are optimum choices you shall never let slip.

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Hengshan Township Office    No. 110, Xinxing street, 10 Lin, Xinxing village, Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan ROC Tel:886-3-5932001 Last updated: 2010.03.23

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