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Baoshan Township Office
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About Baoshan Township Office

About Hcpst pic Current conditions in Baoshan

Land area: 64.78714 square kilometers
Population: 13,779
Arable land area: 2,180 hectares
Geology: Pleistocene Diluvium
Terrain: Other than wider valley land in Shuanxi area, Baoshan is almost occupied by hill lands with altitude below 250 m Terrain is high in southeast, low in northwest in gentle slope.
‧Sanchatu Mountain: the highest peak in the town, rising high in the south of the town between Baoshan and Emei ‧Daba Mountain: in Dali in the east of the town, wiggling westwards to Dali and facing Sanchatu Mountain ‧Shuixianlun Mountain: between Jin Mountain and Baoshan, winding from Shahu and deviating northwestwards in Wubaokuo, crossing Shuixianlunqi to Baoshan。
‧Wubaokuo Mountain: Kuo means mountain top in Hakka.  It was said Wubao defended here in ancient times.
‧Shijiu Mountain: in the northwest of Sanchatu Mountain as the only path from Shuanxi to Xincheng; the mountain is named after a village called Shijiu.
‧Baoshan: covering Fenshuqiao Mountain and Hou Mountain
River: Keya Stream: The Stream originated from Shanhu, Sanfeng and Youtian, running through Baoshan Village, Daqi Village and converges in Shuanxi Village to the sea from Keya Stream in Hsinchu City.
Yanshuigang Stream: It originated from Shijiu branch, Dongkeng branch, Ganzi branch and Shenkeng branch which are converged to the Stream.
It goes to the sea from Xianshan District in Hsinchu.
Shijin Stream: It originated from Shanhu, Youtian, and Shandali and runs throughYoutian to Emei Lake.
Major farm produce: rice, oranges and tangerines, star fruits, pears, and green bamboo shoots
Reservoir: Baoyi Reservoir, Baoer Reservoir National Lane: Zhongshan Highway, North Second Highway, system intersections
Schools: Baoshan Junior High School and Juguang Branch, Baoshan Junior High School Elementary schools: Baoshan Elementary School, Shuanxi Elementary School, Xincheng Elementary School, Sanfeng Elementary School and Shanhu Branch, Baoshan Elementary School Leisure and sightseeing: Baoshan Golf Course, Oriental Sunstar Golf Club, Hong Fu Golf Club, Shahuli Art Village, Baoshan Town Olive Cooperative, Huolongguo Fruit Farm, Ganju Fruit Farm, Citizen Farm
Factories: There are around 200 odd factories in the Science Park, Baoshan Sugar Plant, and candle factories etc.

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No.325,Sec.2,Shuangyuan Rd., Baoshan Township, Hsinchu County 308,Taiwan R.O.C. Tel:886-3-5200090 Last updated: 2010.03.25
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