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Baoshan Township Health Station
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Hengshan health center

Brief introduction of the center

It was founded on August 1st, 1950. When established, one part-time doctor was hired, and in November the same year, one maternity assistant was added; then the village office dispatched officers and inspectors to assist with the medical work.

Till 1952, full-time doctor, nurse and medical assistant were hired and there were altogether 5 people; in 1953, one doctor was added.

In 1962, office was constructed; on October 6th 1965, UNICEF sent people to visit the trachoma treatment condition.

In 1978, Fuxing village health room was built; in 1979, Nanchang and Tianliao settlement health room were built; in 1980, the office was rebuilt at No. 2, 191 Jiuzantou, Xinxing settlement; in the same year, Fengtian village health room was built. The address of the health center was changed to No. 2, 127 alley, Xinxing street, Xinxing settlement, Hengshan village, Hsinchu county.

On August 1st 1983, group medical service center was established, the health department of the Executive Yuan planed and subsidized the fee; the three forces general hospital supported and dispatched doctors to do the medical work; the personnel of the health center deal with their own work as well as cooperating with the group medical center. Under the center, there are Nanchang, Tianliao, Fengtian, Fuxing and Shakeng settlement health rooms.

Service regions:
Hengshan village has 11 settlements, and they are: hengshan settlement (71926 square km), Tianliao settlement (76632 square km), Nanchang settlement (80664 square km), Fengxiang settlement (50382 square km), Fengtian settlement (61310 square km), Neiwan settlement (46247 square km), Lixing settlement (73392 square km), Fuxing settlement (62385 square km), Shakeng settlement (63628 square km), Xinxing settlement (36851 square km) and Dadu settlement (40085 square km).


Besides this center, four service points are set

The site and the service time are as follows:

Shakeng health room…… 9am-11am, Tuesday and Friday

Fuxing health room……9am-11am, Monday and Thursday

Tianliao health room……9am-11am, Tuesday and Thursday

Fengtian settlement activity center……9am-11am every Monday


The service items of the four service points are: measure blood pressure, health education consultation (blood sugar measurement needs pre-engagement)



There are 3666 families and 15342 people, and most of them are hakka, and there are only few original habitants. The people mostly living at the banks and hills on the sides of Shangping stream, Youluo stream and Xincheng stream, radiating outwards.