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Henghan Township Household Registration Office
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The household registration office

Past history of the office

The village lies in the center of Hsinchu county; in the southeast, with Panjieling neighbering Jianshi and Wufeng villages, in the northwest, neighboring Qionglin village, in the eastnorth, neighboring Guanxi town, in the west, facing Jhudong town across the stream. It is 13.80 km wide from east to west, and 14.20 km from south to north, and the area is 66.3502 square km. It is divided into 11 settlements and 152 Lin in administrative division. During the Japanese occupation, the Japanese call it Tianpei Mountain . From the ancient time, it was called Hengshan. With the ending of the insurrection suppressing period, from July 1st 1992 , 21 years of household and police integration system was ended. The household registration office belonged to the civil administration bureau of the county government according to household and police separation scheme, and the household registration work returned to the civil administration unit to charge. The civil administration bureau of each county and city sets household registration section, taking charge of household registration affairs and supervising the governed household registration office to handle household registration affairs. The office is the third phase operation unit of household registration information system promotion, and from October 1997, it is formally online nationally. in 1997, office reconstruction was finished and the office environment was brand new; the service quality was enhanced greatly and the service for the convenience of the people entered a new era.