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Xinhu Land Office
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Xinhu Land Office
Introduction to Xinhu Land Office:
Xinhu Land Office Xinhu Land Office took over Xinfeng and Hukou from Zhubei Civil Administration Office in March 1st, 1995. The two districts cover 97683 proprietary lands (10180.0837 hectares), 28566 proprietary houses (7674144.12m2)
We have long been known for the philosophy of the possession of land and property. When their concern about these possessions has been successfully addressed, concerns ensue about how to secure them. At this juncture the civil administration office should shoulder this significant responsibility.
Hsinchu Land Office is characterized by its principle of incorruptness, efficiency and love for the people. Since the widespread computerization from 1998 onwards, our service has been improved in terms of bother quality and efficiency compared with the past manual operations. This has been frequently commended by the people of the country. The office is still coming up with new and creative measures to meet the requirement of the public, such as land certificates and land price testimonials, cross-township application, one-stop land register service, etc.
Our countrymen are also our customers. As a service agency for the people, if our service quality outperforms their expectation, they will be satisfied with us and cooperate more actively with us to promote our service quality. This is our very goal for the future and also our holy mission.
We guarantee that we will be serving the people with an entrepreneurial philosophy. You will feel at home with our receptions and service. Our civil servants will provide the most efficient, speedy kind of service for you. Upholding the service spirit of foresightedness, excellence, efficiency and team spirit, we will expedite informationization of our daily work. The whole service process for various affairs will be streamlined and consolidated through computers.
1.To facilitate the civil administration integration and extend it to cover cross-office services.
2.To extend our scope of serving the people, rebuild a convenient, comfortable and safe pubic environment, and satisfy the people’s needs with colorful, efficient and vivid service.
3.To utilize the current resources and facilities to plan and extend new service items. A carefree application for various certificates will be launched to cater to the civil needs and save time.
4.To provide online land register, house register, land register texts and graphs and house survey graphs in the form of electronic files.
5.To reform our service and implement the administration strategy of a safe, stable, reassuring and informationalized Hsinchu.

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Hsinchu County Government No.105, Chenggong Rd., Hukou village, Hsinchu County 30303, Taiwan ROC Tel:886-3-5903588 Last updated: 2007.05.01

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