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module_icon The Mayor’s Words
As far as everybody knows, Zhubei is a great place with rich resources, fertile products, abundant plentiful culture, and ethnic harmony. After the movement and reconstruction of county jurisdiction in 1988, Zhubei has quickly grown and become not only the best area but also the center of politics, economy, culture and transportation center of Hsinchu County.
Being elected the 6th Mayor of Zhubei City and the leader for carrying out the city policies in the following four years, I really appreciate your generous support, At the same time, we can see a great deal of responsibilities are awaiting ahead. To merit your trust, we are going to continue working on the projects of advancing the establishment of National Taiwan University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, the development of HSR Urban Planning District, and the practice of Puyu Development Plan. Then, Zhubei City will experience a further prosperity and better improvement. In addition, we will put the most efforts into all kinds of public constructions and the promotion of a variety of art-related activities to raise the living qualities for our residents and make Zhubei a nice, advanced, modern city.

About Zhubei City
module_icon Zhubei Statement
History and Development
The Hans started
Zhubei’s cultivation &plant history during Qing Dynasty Yong-zheng year 3.Whole Zhubei had completed development during the last years of Qing Dynasty Gan-long. Zhubei named by located at north part of Hsin-chu. The controlled area had established in year 1946. Zhubei had become to Zhubei City in 1988.

II. Geography Environment
Land square is 46.8342 square kilometers.
Whole area is a flat alluvial plain belong to Tou-Qian Stream and Feng-Shan Stream.
Li-Tou Mountain, Feng Hill and Qi Hill have the only raining massif

III. Human Resource General Situation
Minnan,Hakka are the two main clans
Harmonious clans are the main characteristic of human recourse in Zhubei.
Zhubei Statement_pic1
module_icon City’s Progress
I. Communications
The main line of West Taiwan’s communication collected in Zhubei. Due to Highway prosperities, the function of railway transportation is not as good as before.Interchange development in layout redesign construction east to bring up business. Taiwan Hihg Speed Rail-Hsinchu Station(in Liu-Jia)will become a communication center in Hsin-Chu.Tai 15 Highway in Zhong-Yi Subward used to be the narrowest Highway.

II. City Plan
Zhubei City Plan Area.
Dou-Lun City Plan Area.
The specific City Plan of Gao-Tie Hsin-Chu Station.
Uncut Jade Plan.

III. Population
Before 1991, average population gentle increased 10,000 people every 10 years.
After 1992, population fast increased 2000 to 3000 people every year.
The end of September in Year 2003, the population is 99,173, forecast in this Dec the population will break through 100,000.
Dou-Lun Subward has the fastest increasing population in Hsin-Chu County.
Young and Middle age people occupied 60% of population.

V. Industry and Commerce
Established Tai-Yuan Spin Factory during 1951 March.
Traditions industry is getting weak,1Tai-He Industry Park1  has high technology electron and electric machinery to take over.
There are 332 factories occupied 20.5% of facto
ries amount in Whole County.
Tai-Yuan Science Park is a new blood to stimulant industry in County.
Gau-Tie Organism and Medical Science Park is another new star of Zhubei industry development.
Large-scale discount shops are standing in great number,Zhubei gets a commerce animation.
27 banks share the commerce market

module_icon Growing Hopes Construction
I. Education State
School Amount: 12 Elementary Schools, 5 Junior High Schools , 2 High (Business) Schools.
Students: 10057 students in Elementary Schools,5129 students in Junior High Schools, 3096 students in High Schools.
Liu-Jia Elementary School is the oldest (during 1906).
Students increased almost one time of Ren-Ai Junior High School during 1997 to 2002.
After Taiwan University, Taiwan Technology University entry Zhubei, Zhupei will get the most abundant villages and towns’ education resources.

II. Popularization of Cultural Art
Hakka around building of Cultural Central is the spirit for citizens.
City Public Library collected more than 50,000 books, book borrowers flow rate up to 110,000 books.
City Public Library has many kind of popularize activities to offer opportunities for citizens.
Many folk custom teams for 23 communities to maintain tradition cultural.

module_icon Make up a High Quality Environment
I. Public Welfare
Looked after 196 low-income families, also helped 104 misfortune families,in 2009.
10000NT Birth allowance 10000NT Twins Reward for birthing happy woman
Zhubei Senior Citizen Beadhouse Only a few villages and towns have Beadhouse Organization in whole Taiwan
6000NT Honoring Aged welfare allowance makes Aged people in another counties feel envy.
More than half committees have established patrol lines to maintain locality public security.

II. Environmental Protection
Build up a small Rubbish Incinerator with Xin-Pu Hsiang during1978, which initiated districts cooperation to deal with disposal.
Finished Keng-Zi-Kou rubbish Incinerator Period 3rd during this cooperation, solved the rubbish disposal problems for long period.
121 headcounts, 64 clearing tracks cleared 80 metric tons per day.
Set up 20 Large-sized announcements help with maintains city neat and tidy.
Set into action Wasted Food recycling , recycling amount for over 5 metric tons per day.

module_icon Rich diversification of Agriculture and Aquatic products
I. The general situation of Agriculture Products
In the early years, Zhubei named Hsin-Chu’s Granary ,rice farming square measure, output was No.1 in the whole county.
Existing Farming square measure is 1659.6 hectares ; rice farming square measure is 920 hectares.
After agriculture changed, vegetables procreation became more important, yearly output is 1200 metric tons.
Leisurely agriculture became the new aspect for agriculture in this city.
farm produce pic
II.The general situation of Fishery
Fishing householder is 110.
Aquatic Products Total amount is 156 metric tons.
Mullet breed is an especially feature also got developing potential

module_icon Beauty Surprising It’s a good place worthy to visit.
I.The sightseeing tour of Historic spots
Wen-Li Hall Nation three-stage Historic Monument.
Wen-Lin Hall Build this hall to celebrated a third generation(Sheng-Bao Lin) passed the Hisang Exam.
Cai-Tian-Fu-Di Nation 3rd stage Historic Monument,which symbolized the history of Ping-Pu Clan developed to Han
II. Tour of scenic spots
Feng-Qi Sunset Glow one of Hsin-Chu’s 8 views that recorded in Dan-Shui Hall History
Red Forest Park the fruitful results from City Administration Office have spent 5 years brought it a new life.
Coast Proterozoic Forest the only natural resources left.
Chinese Sweet Gum Ave called the most beautiful highway.
III. Leisurely Farmland

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