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module_icon General Affairs Office

Administer the Seal and Imprimatur
Documents administration
General affairs administration (property is purchased, fellow workers manage, the vehicle manages, the drawing room is given up and managed)
Grind the business of doing in the test ( includes the official document to count , auditing and computer information management)
The administration improves (including serving the people)
The annual work program drafting
Integrated service (not belong to the item of other units )
News briefing

module_icon Civil Affairs Section

Civil Affairs Service
Education Affairs
Physical Education
Religion Affairs
Mediation Affairs
Publicly-owned graveyard Affairs
Neighborhood Watch
Improving Administration  Affairs
Land Administration
National Health Insurance for Heads of Boroughs & Neighborhoods
Indigenous Peoples Affairs
Local Public Enterprise Affairs
Civil Affairs Section
Military Service
Military Serviceman Status Review
Military Serviceman Lottery
Conscripts Supplemental
Physical Examination
Military Service Exemption
Officer Qualification Examination
Military Conscripts Physical Examination
Military Draft,Military Service Restriction
Military Draft Referral
Substitute Civilian Service
Complementary Military Service
Military Conscripts Support Services
Discharge Reporting
Military Reservist Service
Administration of Draft-Age Overseas Chinese
1.Family Hardship Mail Room Outbound
2.Early Discharged,Conscription Service
3.Mail Room Outbound/Inbound
module_icon Public Work Section 

Traffic Divider Beautification maintenance
Road surface excavating and safeguarding
Road and bridge engineering
Other public projects 
Farmland Consolidation
Improve waterways of farmland
Traffic Safety facilities management
Building Violations investigation
Urban plan service 
Publicly-owned building projects
Traffic safety devices ( Street sign , speculum ,etc.)
Underground Pavement maintenance
Apartment administration commission management 

module_icon Finance Section

Administration of Public real estate
Public Treasury’s revenue and expenditure
Administration of cashier
Administration of record and certificate
Assisting in tax Collection of National Tax Administration and Revenue Service Office ( Assisting in Applications of deed tax, amusement tax, house tax, land value tax, individual income tax,etc)

module_icon Social Affairs Section
Pursue community service
General building and equipment
Strengthen community development and achievement to safeguard
The social development building and equipment subsidizing
National Health Insurance

module_iconPublic Utilites Section

Business management
Market management 
Park square maintenance
Parking lot management management 
The street light installs and the maintenance 
Goes sightseeing the business management
The public utilities manage

 module_icon Agriculture Section 

The agricultural facility allows the use 
The agricultural power uses electricity the proof 
State of agricultural production report
Agricultural natural disaster Zha Pao and cash rescue 
Farm machinery management
Agricultural use synthesis plan implementation plan 
Agricultural extension administration
Leisure agricultural extension
Grain production investigation
Agricultural use proof
Conservation of water and soil 
Forest product promotion 
Livestock product promotion
Aquatic product promotion
The water dry farmland makes the declaration using the adjustment following plan -- fallow extension
The plant protection plan -- plant disease prevents and controls
The meadow mouse guards against the plan

module_icon Budget Accounting and Statistics Office

Handling accounting - verification funds revenue and expenditure, Preparing for accounting report
Handling statistics-Investigation of the human resources , family’s income and expenditure, automobile freight transportation ,etc. Registration of the statistical report form


module_icon Personnel Office

Employment, promotion and transfer
Performance review, Reward and penalty
Treatment welfare
Retirement comforting and compensate
Business trip and leave


module_icon Civil Service Ethics Office

Register and deal with illegal activities 
Collect and deal with the great administrative condition of the people and reflect that the materials inform against or reflect that for it with the telephone or the letter , please
Address:  No.50, ZhongZheng W. Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Complaints Line: 866-3-5514269 
Mobile telephone: 0912-102837


module_icon Public Library

Books collects Non- book data collects
The classification and cataloging of books
Read service
Reference & Information Services
expansion service
Program and perform to life long learn activity
Promote local art and literature activity
Promote reading books


module_icon Cleaning Unit

Occupational Safety And Health Management
Cooperate with the Environmental Protection Bureau to handle air pollution inspection , noise pollution inspection , and water pollution inspection ,etc.
Waste inspection
Sweep fees
Other services :
a. Dredge drain
b. Dispose large furniture
c. Catch forsaken dog
d. The processing abandons vehicle
e. Spray medicine prevention and cure a dengue fever


module_icon Municipal Nursery

Municipal Nursery’s Admission and Insurance Services
Municipal Nursery’s equipment, Administrative affairs ,and property Management
Childcare Assistant Attendance Management
Childcare Assistant salary Management
Early Childhood Education health and safety Management
Municipal Nursery’s meal Management
Maintain and Keep safe the equipment of the playground


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