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Jianshi Township Household Registration Office
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The household registration office

Past history of the office

This village is one of the mountain villages of the county, and the name came from the huge stone in the region, which symbolizes the brave spirit of the native habitant.


This village connects Taoyuan county Fuxing village Sanguang settlement in the east; connects Hengshan village in the west; neighboring Wufeng village in the south, and neighboring Guanxi village Jinshanli in the south. The area of the whole village is 527.5795 square km.


The household registration office originally belonged to the village office, and the predecessor is village office household registration section. In 1969, the household and the police was integrated and household registration office was formally founded, and it belonged to the county police office. The vice head of the police sub office was the director. On July 1st 1992, as the temporary articles of the insurrection-suppressing period was abolished, the household and the police were separated, and the household registration office belonged to the county government.