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Guanxi Township Household Registration Office
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The household registration office

Past history of the office

The law of registration of our country was released on December 12th, 1931.The implementing rules of the law of registration was released on June 25th, 1934 , but it was not implemented until 1946. At the time, household registration work was charged by the civil administration, and locally it was the household registration section, which was the predecessor of the office-Hsinchu county Guanxi town office household registration section. In 1969, based on the strict household management in the insurrection suppressing period, in cooperation with the security need, household and police integration was on trial; since 1973, household registration was moved from civil administration units to police offices formally, and the household registration section of the village, town and city office was changed to household registration office of the village, town and city and they belong to the police office. At the time, this office was formally founded-Hsinchu county police office Guanxi town household registration office. With the ending of the insurrection-suppressing period, since July 1st 1992 , the household registration was charged by the civil administration units, which is the present-Hsinchu county Guanxi town household registration office.