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Xinfeng Township Household Registration Office
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The household registration office

Past history of the office

After the restoration of Taiwan, Xinfeng village office household registration section was set, and the village head was the director of the section; carrying on the household registration items in the Japanese occupation period, handles the household registration of the people in the area; on July 1st 1973, household registration office was founded, and it belonged to Hsinchu county police office; the 2nd line 3 three star police officer was the director of the household registration office, and he was also the vice head of the sub police office; for the household registration work, the static household registration items is matching the policeman’s dynamic household investigation to carry out the correctness of each household registration.


On June 29th 1992, as the law of registration in the insurrection suppressing period was revised, it returned to Hsinchu county government, and the civil administration system of the household registration institution was determined; since April 1996, the third operation phase of the national household registration information system started and the construction was finished in September, 1997; the household registration information is nationally connected; our office was appraised as an excellent unit; on April 17th of the same year, the office reconstruction project was completed, and the working environment of our office was brand new, and the service quality was greatly enhanced. Our office was recommended by our county to participate in the 1998 Executive Yuan service quality trial and was praised by the provincial government.