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Xinpu Township Health Sation
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Xinpu health center

Brief introduction of the center

1.In the Qing dynasty, there were no official health institutions; during the Japanese occupation period, the police department set health section.


2.Taiwan was restored, and health centers were opened in the villages and towns.


3.This center was established on October 1st, 1948, and the address was No. 401, Zhongzheng road, Xinminli; as the house was too small, in October 1952, subsidy was obtained from China country rehabilitation united committee and the local government; the new office of the building was on the left side of the original site; on June 30th 1953, it was finished and put into use.


4.In 1992, it was enlarged; in 1996, the present appearance was built and it belonged to Hsinchu county health bureau; the present address: No. 758 Zhongzheng road, Xinpu town, and it has Zhaomenli health room.


5.There has been 9 directors, and the present director is doctor Chi-Ta, Huang.