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* About Wufeng 

Wufeng _IMG Wufeng Township, 700 meters above sea level, is a place whose residents are mostly Taiya and Saisiat Tribes. People make a living by planting temperate fruit and high-cold vegetables. It is an important agricultural area where one can see the plan scene in the distance from a high place. Parking lots, look-outs and barbecue sections are being built in Bailan Agricultural area where the townhall is. A leisure agricultural spot with an ecologic section, a field activity section, a forest leisure section, a garden, and a vegetable garden for people to entertain themselves.
* Administrative region
Administrative region
Population of the Township Area
4,569 (in Sept, 2006) 227.738 squares kilometers
* About Wufeng Township and the township emblem

LOGOWufeng Township is situated at the western edge of Mount Xueshan with undulating ranges. It gets this name for the reason that there stands high into the clouds in this area Mount Five-finger that looks like five fingers at the distance. This is a mountainours area with Taiya, Saihsia and a small number of Hakkas peoples as the main residents. There are vast forest, endless fresh springs and brooks here. It is really a rich and peaceful place with beautiful scene.

Taiya Tribe have various beautiful ornaments like pig teeth that were worn by hunters at a ceremony to offer sacrifices to commend brave acts. Sometimes warriors also wear these ornaments before going out to a battle to raise their morale. They arrange the pig teeth in a ring just like sunshine showing th vitality of life, standing for the unity of the residents in Wufeng Township to move hand in hand forward for a better future.

The colors of green, blue, yellow and orange showing vitality, cleanness and freedom are used to express the endless enthusiasm of people here. Putting together the geographic enviornment here and the culture of people originally living here, we can see the combination of agriculture and cultural tourism as the chance for new development.
* What the township head said

township headDo you know the place where the late author Ms Sanmao isolated herself from the world? Do you have any idea the place in which the young commnader-in-chief Chang Hsuehliang was put under house arrest?

Wufeng Township Hsinchu County is a town with people originally living here, with rows of mountains and acient trees towering to the sky, a simple place finding favor in authors and a small town in which generals were put under house arrest one after another. During the time of Japanese invasion, the whole Township was divided into Jingshang and Shihbaerer outside section according to the isolation policy until April 1st, 1946 it was made into one township and four villages (Dayi Village, Taoshan Village, Huayuan Village and Chulin Village) according to the autonomous system. There are now fifty-eight and the township committee is located at Dayi Village.

Bamboo shoots in spring, peaches in summer, pears in fall and persimmons in winter are the agricultural products plentiful in Wufeng Township. Dabajian Mountain, Shei-Pa National Park, Frog View are fresh spring are the beautiful scenic spots here; Culing ceremony (pas-vaki), Ailing ceremony (pas-taai), sculpture, ceramics, weaving and traditional costumes are the uniquely valuable culture of people originally living here. Residents here are mainly Saihsia and Taiya Tribe who have a frank disposition and simple nature. You can enjoy the magnificant scenery and humane ecology here, plus with the foods with unique tastes here in your visit.
by Chiu Hsianming, Township head of Wufeng Township  
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