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hchfeAbout Xinfeng Township Office

Xinfeng Township Office

Xinfeng Township: Located in the north point of Hsinchu County, Xinfeng Township take Taiwan Strait as the boundary of west, Hukou Township as boundary of east, Xinwu District in Taoyuan City as north boundary, Feng-Bi-Wei-Mountain and Zhubei City as south boundary.


• Population:
Male:  Families:18,749 , 29,208 , Female: 27,695 , Total:56,903
(By the stastistics on 2018 August)

• Area: 46.3469 km2
• There are 17 Villages and 258 Neighborhood in Xinfeng Township.

• The 17 Villages in Xinfeng Township are Fuxing Village, Zhongxiao Village,

  Chongxing Village, Qiding Village, Songbo Village, Shanqi Village,

  Qingpu Village, Houhu Village, Potou Village, Puhe Village, Xinfeng Village,

  Zhonglun Village, Ruixing Village, Yuanshan Village, Songlin Village,

  Shangkeng Village, Fengkeng Village.


AAccessiblity Licensed

                               MOFA service: 0800-011-765    MOI service: +886-2-8195-8151    MOTC service:0800-231-161  
                                       No. 93 Xinshi Road, Xinfeng Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan R.O.C.

                                                           Tel:886-3-5591116 Last updated: 2018.10.01
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